DIY Sweets Table

Are you always looking for that next great item to have at a party but have a hard time narrowing it down to just one?

Do you want to WOW your guests with a perfectly curated selection of treats so they can pick their favourite?

What if you didn’t have to choose just one centrepiece dessert but could instead have an assortment of amazing goodies to please a variety of appetites and have your guests left completely satisfied?

Well that’s where the “DIY Sweets Table” option comes in. I make all of the amazing sweets and you pick them up and lay them out on your table to make a stunning display. Choose three or more delectable sweets to receive a special discounted pricing. Mix and match to get the exact flavours you would like and then choose the colour-scheme for your party.

Here are all of the selections you have to choose from:



Mini peanut butter bars

Chocolate covered oreos

Chocolate dipped strawberries

Cheesecake shooters

Chocolate dipped pretzels, sour keys, or licorice

Crumble Cups

Candy kabobs

Place your order below and be sure to indicate your colour/design preference and any flavours. Orders will be confirmed within 48 hours of form submission.

Sweets Table2
Sweets table chocolate covered oreos and strawberries
Sweets Table1
Sweets Table6