8″ Round Happy Birthday

8″ Round Happy Birthday


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The most popular pinata smasher design! Loaded with enough candy to be shared by up to 8-10 people. Fully customizable in terms of colour (white chocolate) and can even add an edible image for an additional $5.


Each piñata smash cake comes available in either a milk chocolate shell (will be brown in colour) or white chocolate shell (colour can be customized). Edible images can be added to most designs for an additional $5 as can toppers (may be an additional cost), more candy or intricate decor items as pictured with some of the cakes. All prices are the base prices and any detailed design may have an additional cost added on. Please add as many details as possible in the details box so that I can provide a proper price (if needed) when confirming your order.


** The majority of piñata smashers are big enough that you can add your own gift or gift card inside. If this is something that you’d like to do please let me know in the details. Item will need to be dropped off at least 5 days prior to pickup date. Please keep in mind that a mallet will be used to break through the chocolate shell so it is not recommended that breakable items be placed inside unprotected.